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Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Paul Neal

Experience Summary

Has over twenty five years of experience in IT, the last twelve years spent in professional consulting, primarily in the CRM industry, working with Chordiant Software.  Major Chordiant project work includes: Canadian Tire, Thomas Cook, GM OnStar, BSkyB, Turkiye IS Bankası A.S., Lloyds TSB, Verizon.   A proven track record of helping customers deliver complex solutions, and solve difficult problems.  Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and the ability to work with large diverse teams to deliver a solution.  Consistently proven adaptability skills throughout his career as new technologies emerge, helping to provide customers a balance between proven technology, and the leading edge.

Employment Summary

2012-Present         Comet Global Consulting                                      USA


Helping Comet to deliver solutions in Decision Management. Their focus is on the Pega supplied Legacy CDM product, and the emerging PRPC based DSM/NBAA solution. Assisting US based customers such as DirecTV, Verizon, Comcast in various phases of their project work.

Employment Summary

2009-2011         Lloyds TSB                                                                     London, UK


Working with the WebSphere Environment Support team in a Design and Strategy role, setting standards for project delivery.  Helping them with the roll-out of RapidDeploy™, an automated Deployment tool for WebSphere, WebLogic, Database, DataPower, and other pertinent technologies; providing Enterprise wide consistency and traceability of all application updates.


2009                         AKBANK                                                                   Istanbul, Turkey


Assisted AKBANK with a Performance Review of their new Chordiant 6.3 Application. Provided guidance on the deployment of the application in WebSphere 6.1, and documentation to assist with the monitoring of their environment.


2008-2009               TURKIYE IS BANKASI A.S.                                  Istanbul, Turkey


Chordiant 6.2, 6.3 projects, FS, CCABE, CDM. Assigned to the ISbank project by Chordiant as an independent contractor to get two separate projects delivered in a timely fashion. In addition to working with the Architecture team, I established the build and deployment infrastructure to fully automate the processes. As well as fixing current production problems and addressing performance concerns.

  • Provided guidance on how to best utilize the Chordiant toolset to achieve project goals.
  • Refined the development process to provide some structure to the development team, allowing the software to be delivered  in a more stable fashion.
  • Created a complete scripted environment to support the Chordiant WebSphere development process.  Allowing Isbank to define the environment in a definition file and then create the Websphere profile(s), and configure them for Chordiant use.  This was done using simple Unix shell scripting, and wsadmin scripts written in Jython.  Scripts were also created to automate the application installation, and distributed start/stop operations.
  • Wrote a modular ANT based build process to create the Chordiant EAR, which also installs the application into a target server environment.  These scripts were also worked into the Isbank BuildForge environment for production delivery.

2001–2008               BSkyB                                                                        Edinburgh, UK


Chordiant 3, 5, 6 projects, FS, CCA.  Assigned to the BSkyB project as part of a small, skilled team to deliver a solution quickly, and save a project that was in trouble.
  • Initially this was a Chordiant 3.5.1 application, using Forté/Java/Oracle.  As a team member wrote Server side code, then provided troubleshooting support for the production installation; also authored numerous custom shell and Perl scripts to assist the support team.  Following a successful deployment, stayed on to implement the full CRM solution.

The BSkyB CRM project was a large scale Call Centre application, with a target of over five thousand concurrent users spread across multiple campus/datacentre locations.  The Solution is a Chordiant 5 server, with multiple client applications (rich java, thin java, batch java), using an MQ infrastructure to tie it to the various legacy applications in use.  Over the life of the project many job roles were undertaken.
  • Architecture.  Worked with a team to architect the full CRM Solution which used Chordiant as the core application in concert with existing legacy systems, Batch processing applications, Reporting Applications, and Accounting solution.
  • Server Development.  Worked with several teams on the initial conversion from Forté to the Chordiant JX architecture, generating the core services and API's, as configured in Rational Rose.  Built the service to interface with the QAS Address Search tool.  Acted as team lead on the initial thin client tool, for access to the Chordiant Services; this was a simple web client written using Struts, calling into a custom 'channels' layer, making use of SOAP and using MQ as the message broker between the Web Container and the Server.
  • Development Environment Administration.  Wrote the Administration Scripts to build, deploy, and monitor the Application.  These were a mix of ANT, shell, perl and dos cmd scripts.  Created the cron infrastructure for the scheduled tasks in the build environment.  Created a wrapper script to simplify the generation of the Chordiant Business Model from Rational Rose.  Maintained the Visual Age Repository server for the team.  Created and Maintained a CVS server for new development projects.  Installed and managed the LDAP server(s) for the Team. Managed the WebSphere servers for the Development Team.  Set up a backup schedule for the Development Databases.  Set up a web server, and created content to support the Team.
  • Production Support.  When the CRM program went live, was a key troubleshooter for the Chordiant and WebSphere server components, working with a team to quickly resolve issues.
  • New Chordiant 6 development project.  Performed all the infrastructure setup for a new project, hardware configuration, server application setup, with all the supporting scripts.  Setup the ground rules and documents for the installation of Rational Development products, RAD, RSM, RSA, and the initial setup of Chordiant 6.2 to work with ClearCase.  Created the new build scripts in ANT.
  • WebSphere upgrade project.  Helped to design the replacement architecture to replace WebSphere 4.0 with WebSphere 6.1.  Created the new script architecture to handle the changes required.  Worked with a team to indentify bugs in the application due to the upgrade from JRE 1.2 to 1.5, and to create resolve the issues as found.  Created a startupBean for WebSphere, and documented the work for the deployment team.

2001                       Chordiant Software Inc.                                                 London, UK

Sr. Consultant

Working as an independent contractor, subcontracted to Chordiant Software Ltd. 

  • Brought in by the UK Chordiant office to help the UK based customers with performance and architectural problems with Chordiant at major deployment sites; Barclays, Lloyds TSB, OwnHome, Halifax, Thomas Cook
  • Provided Forté administration, and perl scripting skills to present a consistent administrative interface across all customers.
  • Provided specific troubleshooting support for performance related problems, and Chordiant upgrades.


1998–2001               Forté / Sun Microsystems                                 Toronto/Calgary

Sr. Consultant

Assist Forté/Sun’s customers and Partners, to help design, build and deploy their Forté based applications. Provide assistance in analyzing, and solving performance problems.  Architected custom solutions, to solve specific problems.

  • Worked with Purolator Courier to deliver, their new Call center solution, written in Forté.  Problem solving, benchmarking, maintenance scripting

Purolator successfully went live with the solution in 1999

  • Worked on the Thomas Cook Call center project, written using Chordiant, a Forté VAR product.  My primary responsibility was designing and implementing the GUI Interface (framework) written in Forté. Spent time in the UK to bring the project on-line

Thomas Cook successfully went live in 1999, and won awards for the implementation

  • Acted as primary Forté Mentor at TransCanada Pipelines

They have some 90 Forté Environments running the majority of core business systems; time was spent tutoring, and providing design and code reviews,  as well as authoring a Web based Training Scheduling tool for their internal use

  • Worked on the GM OnStar Call Center, also written using Chordiant.  My primary responsibilities included troubleshooting, Systems administration, benchmarking, fail-over design and implementation, numerous Chordiant Server modifications, responsibility for the Code Generator for the DB services
  • Numerous other troubleshooting assignments at customers across the USA and Canada


1997                       Change Control Ltd.                                                     Toronto, Ont.

Manager, Technical Services

Manage the Pre and Post Sales Effort for a team of 15 Systems Engineers, across six product disciplines.

  • Assessed and Fixed problems with Change Control's 1-800 help desk process
  • Rebuilt and provided leadership for the Systems Engineer Team
  • Handled high profile sales calls from the technical perspective


1995–1997               The Descartes Systems Group                             Waterloo, Ont.

Chief Research Scientist

Lead Development Engineer, for the Next Generation of Descartes’ Route Distribution software, Written in Forté 2.0 and using Oracle 7.3.

  • led the effort to provide a GUI presentation layer and extend the existing character based product into the Client-Server model
  • Provided primary research and development effort to lay the foundation for Descartes development with the Forté product suite
  • Worked on the Database design, with specific regard to performance


1989–1995               Ingres / ASK Group / CA                                   Toronto/Calgary

Technical Manager

Manage the Canadian pre-sales technical effort, in support of the INGRES products direct sales force.

  • Supported major accounts in the Toronto area
  • Promoted to Sr. position and moved to Calgary office to establish a Western presence
  • Created presentations, prototypes, ran seminars and benchmarks
  • Won awards for technical performance, and was promoted to a Principal representative
  • Built tools, which were incorporated onto the product release media
  • Designed GUI Demonstration Tools for Windows4GL™
  • Co-authored sales strategies to establish a major presence in Saskatchewan
  • Promoted to Manager and relocated back to Toronto


1984–1989               CMCS / DELCAN Int. Corp.                                    Toronto, Ont.

Sr. Programmer/Analyst – Team Leader

Led development effort on various projects to develop custom maintenance management solutions for clients across Canada and abroad.

  • Built Maintenance and Equipment Management Systems for the City of Guelph
  • Co-authored a PC based Maintenance package for marketing within Canada
  • Provided technical support, and maintenance for the Canadian Customer base
  • Wrote documentation and provided Programming guidelines for multiple World Bank projects in Ethiopia
  • Led Development effort to provide a combined Maintenance and Equipment Management System for the Department of Highways in Kenya

1982–1984               District Municipality of Muskoka                    Bracebridge, Ont.


  • Programmer responsible for all municipal systems, Accounting, payroll, Utility billing, Hydro Billing, and other support systems.
  • Redeveloped the payroll system, from batch to on-line processing.
  • Led conversion effort from NCR to VAX/VMS including:
  • Define standards for program translation
  • Created new DCL scripting models
  • created backup/recovery scripts


1979–1983                Canadore College                                                 North Bay, Ont.

Business Data Processing Diploma
Graduated top of the class earning the Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd. Award of Merit for academic achievement.  Double majored in accounting.

Technical/skills Summary

  • Self Motivated, good technical aptitude, strong communication skills
  • Distributed Application Design (n-tier), J2EE, Forté, OO
  • J2EE Architecture, Websphere (4.0 thru 7.0), Weblogic, EJB, Servlets, JSP
  • Relational Database (SQL), Oracle, Ingres, Informix, Sybase
  • GUI, OO Development Tools, Ingres, Forté, Java, Visual Basic, VaJ, Eclipse, RAD
  • Rational products, Rose, RSM, RSA
  • CVS, ClearCase, SVN
  • LDAP, Sun ONE Server 5.2
  • UNIX (Solaris, AIX, Linux) & VMS
  • Scripting: bourne, korn, bash, perl, Jython, ANT builds
  • Apache Web Server, HTML, XML, JavaScript
  • PC (DOS, WindowsNT/2000/XP/Vista)
  • Data Communications and Networking
  • Microsoft Office Suite, Word, Excel, Visio, Access, …
  • Chordiant version 1, 3, 4, 5, 6.2, 6.3, CCA, CCABE, CDM
  • Pega PRPC, DSM, NBAA

Personal/   Interests

Married with 3 children; enjoy excellent health; have travelled extensively for both business and pleasure; avid skier/snowboarder.


Available on request.